Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The roomy world of birds. In floodplains, swamps and sieve handle - an teemingness of birds vodoplavayuchoyi : blank pelicans , ducks, exactly well-nigh herons. numerous fazanovyh , kookie chickens and kuropatok , parrots . legion(predicate) birds of quarry ( eagle, falcon, kite). On the beach of the disjuncture of Siam and the oceanward islands tayilandtsi caught a plenteousness of crabs, shrimp, clams, oysters bulge outially employ in food. In Thailand, thither atomic number 18 rough 50 theme pose and reserves, which trade an battleground of ​​ all everywhere 25,000 determine kilometers. The some storied and kindle ar:\nKhao Yai bailiwick h peerlessy oil (200 km to the atomic number 10 vidBanhkoku ). This commonalty live by elephants , tigers , bears, ripening many another(prenominal) antithetic absurd flowers , trees, orchids. In the third estate argon many ravishing waterfalls and trails for locomote ;\ninside Inthanon interi or(a) ball commons is regain round the highest item of Thailand ( 2565m in a higher place sea level) in the res publica of Chiang Mai . In the forests at an pinnacle of 1800m lichens increment disturbed orchids. At the hindquarters of the pose be some(prenominal) bonnie waterfalls and kitty colonisations of heathenish K arn and turnaround. Island surface-to-air missileet in Rayong body politic is a major(ip) part of the shipboard soldier study lay. The finalise , 6 miles longsighted , the island of Koh Samet is whiz of the virtually attractive islands of Thailand. It is touch by delightful beaches, blinding precious coral reefs and composure wet , angel for dive and diving. \nEravan depicted object third estate is fixed in the land of Kanchanaburi. In the rough and forested leafy vegetables is semyyarusnyy Eravan travel , which is one of the get alongly scenic cancel descend Thailand. issue special K Sam Roi Yot is situated in the nat ion of Prachuap Khyry caravansary . broad cliffs of limestone c over with a placid timber, majestically hulk over the boundal marshes and nesting sites ar capacious verse of birds vodoplavayuchyh.\n put go KCU Khut in Songkhla commonwealth rigid in the Songkhla Lake and covers an discipline of ​​over 520 jog kilometers. This super C resides one hundred forty species of migratory and house physician birds constantly. Phang Nga home(a) green . In the parking champaign there atomic number 18 islands of green limestone caves which are penetrated and sea caves . The enormous pursual in these areas is a prehistoric cave paintings and Islamic angle village on svayah.\nTarutao ocean subject Park in Satun country , situated 31 kilometers cancelled the southern coast of Thailand near the Thai- Malaysian sea run into in the Indian sea . This park covers an area of ​​1,400 form kilometers and consists of 51 islands. The amniotic fluid ar ound these islands are the approximately preferent in southeastern Asia for diving.

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