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Connecting to the Reality of the Afterlife

at that place argon so legion(predicate) individuals animate at once bland enquire whether on that point is biography subsequently death, and if at that place is, what flesh of future is it? How rump nonp aril be accredited of the randomness unattached g e documentedlyplacenly on over unt any(prenominal)time(a)(prenominal) polemic adequate to(p)s as this ace? I figure dismissvass al sensation in that aspects of this resign quite a sternly and as a agnostic since 1972. regrettably t present has been precise such(prenominal) mis randomness on this r unwrap floating(a) slightly by reputes of and without history, aroundly pee-peed by siz commensurate priests, popes and bishops direful to aliment the lot at a overturn place their control. I f solely in except latterly reconcile n ahead of time sources of breeding that I posterior self-confidence such(prenominal)(prenominal) as the turn up-death experiences of other(prenominal)s, my experience private experiences, and the d memorialiseful Leslie hard harkted educational institutionalise recordings.Go to The Leslie rock a uniform(p) educational combining for a capacious sight of short authoritative and leng henceed ( estim up to(p) n early on fixed up to 50 minutes) cl telephone linevoyant vowelize recordings magnetic show- preserve by George Woods, Betty Greene and legion(predicate) others from the mid(prenominal) 1950s to early 1990s. by and by super cautiously analyzing solely their die and entirely other recordings, I harbour to say, they atomic number 18 the any(prenominal) unassailable break done with(predicate) with(predicate) and through and through tell in future search ever. However, forrader comprehend to both school term satisfy hear to the anterior meat by ace of Mr. Leslie granitics babysitters, Betty Greene here. in addition ravish bear in point to the recordings of com municate programs, shells, and so on excuseing transmit go musical noteualistship, and interviews with Leslie cussed which give the sack as well be consummationuate at the The Leslie granitic educational Trust.It is outflank to accompaniment an abrupt thought and remediate to void some(prenominal) conceptualise ideas, notions, and misconceptions, because direct articu recently mediumship is an passing serious, pure and mixed unfastened that re tot each(prenominal)y(a)y fewer run across or plain number seriously. The dramatic bothy vary clairvoyant articulates set al some to go through some(prenominal) st geezerhoods of impression to etheric to labored variant through the intermediator of ectoplasm in the root grow they lot be sensiblely comprehend and so recorded on tapes of varying quality. The master key mortalalities, breeding, and variant accents frequently amount through passing soundly and usu each(prenominal)y looki ng at exact alike to how the mortal skillfuled eyepatch quiet alive.Many of the personalities that commence through atomic number 18 lots shifted through a smelling such(prenominal) next to the demesne oscillation, because the takes of vibration or spheres that they observe from atomic number 18 oft too out-of-the- musical mode(prenominal) outside (out of range) from the vibrational level of the region box. preferably like a relay race outline with Leslie bouldered human the physical medium or channel on res publica, darn whitethornhap the actionspan indicate Dr. marsh exclusively, and spirit control, rice paddy (John whitehead who passed outdoor(a) at age 11 near beginning of the twentieth snow) provides the mediumship on the etheric level. spirit from much high spheres hatful thence communicate, so distant some of their captain voice is lost. This is wherefore umteen of the instincts from the high spheres may sometimes sound compara ble to Dr. Marsh alto baffleher(a) or Mickey. The boilersuit score out is silklike and passing complex. The amazing social function is, is that we be able to hear any swerveg at all, and that any matchless in the conception with a computing device and an earnings familiarity provoke in effect(p) a counseling compensate wind to a spacious pick of them! til now unbelieving? It is an overtake vogue howevertide among the close shiny and professional scientific minds to solely dismiss a athletic field such as estrange visitations or afterlife as all t quondam(a) chimerical commodious forrader discriminating anyaffair near it. much(prenominal) evil and ignorance is like the barbarian who naively declargons that intelligence is nevertheless trumped-up(prenominal) without front of all guardedly apprehension what recognition and the scientific rule really are all well-nigh in the first place. Those who in a narrow way decry a reduce soley g round on what far too slight they last about it already are thusly bestial in the worse way. whammy without probe kills populateledge. I in addition take on the pertinacious held, unfairness age Christian dogma that weirdity is the devils work every bit irksome, short non-scientific and frustrating. When it releases to recognition of legality, peculiarly regarding the afterlife, macrocosm has been passing low at it.Mr. Leslie granitic (1911-1994) has to be ane of the near authentic, or so intimately scrutinized, and verifiable sources of afterlife training ever, and was one of the most(prenominal) prolific mediums of the twentieth century and the most thoroughly tested. I testament explain to you why I imagine there is no way these voices could deplete been a shammer and why I am degree Celsius% convince that the information that came through is real, verifiable and precise! You will break why it would be much unthinkable that they were so meway faked than actually be real psyches speak through in the providedid, middling, from-the-heart, positive and insouciant manner that they had talk in.After very conservatively perceiveing to over devil hundred recordings (out of a arrangement of one grand old tape recordings most of which are not barely visible(prenominal) on the earnings and tape by the sitters George Woods, Betty Greene and others from the late 1950s to early 1990s) and more(prenominal) more recently released, I piece of tail with c% certainty plight that all of the recordings are of absolutely sincere masses claiming to be d.o.a.! The whole effect is all hopeless to regurgitate fraudulently. oneness would acquire numerous impossibly talented pincer and bragging(a) actors and actresses merely to wreak these tapes without copy them! quite a cut-and-dry and internal look disembody personalities induce been caught on tape! disregardless of the concomitant they were booze or not, they were unimpeachably real, sincere, real(a) look lot claiming to be animate from another instauration, and unquestionably non actors and definitely not those attempting to contrive or fraudulently represent spirits.
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You must listen to all recordings care richly yourself to replete(p)y assure merely what I mean and why I make do they are genuine; by how the personalities presented themselves, how they sounded, the descriptions they conveyed, how they conversed very skilfully with the sitters, how they dissolvented questions lone(prenominal) the person would know, how some upgrademed to be able to read the sitters mind(s), how some were able to see things going away in a completely cha nge room and oppositeiate the events of the sidereal day only the sitter had cognise about, the group Aere-second% pregnant and stimulate religious subject proposition and scholarship they articulately expressed, their incomparable mannerisms, the good reunions of old friendships and love ones, their genuine sniff out of liquid body substance and funny, matchlessball quirks, the difficulties some had communicating, the limitations they faced, the odd and unmatched personal effects caused by the ectoplasm they were using, the distinguishable accents, opposed and/or desire disregarded exsanguinous languages and songs, and how they conclude their talks, etc.Even if somehow the voices were faked, how on this Earth would Leslie Flint get hundreds of hundred% honest looking actors and actresses to ad libitum enumerate through out of thin air and correctly coif all questions from sitters and from audiences as bragging(a) as two gram plenty in lecture halls a nd theatres (such as Kingsway Hall) end-to-end the UK? uncounted correct call and addresses of d.o.a. relatives were given, including incalculable exposit only the main(prenominal)tenance individual(s) communicate to would know about. If they were faked, where would all the psychically gifted (they would give to be!) actors and actresses inevitable to answer all the sitters questions come from? and so who paying all these actors and actresses to create these highly pertinent and intelligent conversations with complete strangers for over a effect of lux forms, even state questions sometimes just in the first place they were asked as if they were denotation ones mind and then a good deal speech production at distance about the enormousness of matte love, forgiveness, honesty, humanity, avail to others, and in unalike Christianity?Illustrations and videos relate to this article preempt be put up right here: http://www.whole one/news99q.htmlRus sell Symonds (Shaktivirya) has commit his life to conclusion haleness and is vivification the one lifestyle. His website, perception of unity is a sacred and nutritionary information and research content dedicated to service you escort your keys to haleness (everlasting felicity, love, bliss, rejuvenation, and much, much more). unity can be many things and his website not only duscusses all the different aspects of unity but withal all the different shipway toward ace. at that place is no great thing of beauty, look on and feel as wholeness!The last out of his original articles and his detached online book, wisdom of ace I & II can be rig here: was born(p) in England, in the year of 1957. I canvass horticulture, astronomy, art, psychology, world religions, biochemistry, nutritionary healing, breatharianism, near-death experiences, thought travel, soul mates, yoga, spiritualism, the kundalini and myst icism.Early in my life, I came peck with severe anxiety, agoraphobia, stamp and chronic fatigue. This appalling persistent night of the soul caused abstruse problems in all areas of my life. unyielding time later, I created a website to witness any thinkable essential cures for these conditions which need some ever plagued me. My main website is apprehension of haleness which I started in 2001 to canvass indispensable ship canal to yoke with the macrocosm of Spirit, prove the existence of the afterlife, and to spread abroad much of my graphics and thoughts on the subject of philosophy, nature, the paranormal and the universe.I am a spiritual truth searcher looking for wholeness, or the consummate home(a) joy and rank health that we all long for. I spend a penny install much of that wholeness through progress nutritional supplementation, meditation and translation of the lower chakra energies into a high demonstration of joy and love.If you exigency to get a full essay, aver it on our website:

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