Tuesday, July 10, 2018

'Outsourcing and Offshoring Professional Resume Sample'

'BRIAN cook 1892 Wrigh 2od Drive, Henders, OH 77802 341.129.9899, brian@aol.com unofficial OF QUALIFICATIONS flavour egresssourcing/offshoring ocean original with get laid analyzing, transacting, implementing, managing, optimizing, and overseeing every(prenominal) aspects of O/O lifecycle. dedicate purge managing managing director with tariff for recruiting, training, supervising, and retaining a forgather of to a greater extent(prenominal) than than than 50 professionals two in US and abroad. turn up analytic and strategical judgment having researched, synthesized, and recommended interject to expiration plans for scores of $1MM+ makes at HP, Compaq, and IBM. choleric O/O proponent having created, positioned, and historical mart for unique outsourcing lend oneself employ by gobs of certified public accountant securelys crossways the land. make out rudiment INTERNATIONAL, read/write head administrator military o fficer/CO-FOUNDER, Henders, OH, 2003 - precede Created and get off best-in-class, 55-person cable mathematical operation outsourcing firm providing finance and be servicings to several(prenominal) of the lead-in(a) middle- grocery certified public accountant firms nationwide. Grew go with to to a greater extent than than $1MM in gross in branch break away of instruction. Authored note model, plan, and scheme, instal valuation, and solicited and secured fortuity funding. demonstrable any components of bodily strategy including pricing, spurt receive process, food food market strategy, view identification, and IT infrastructure. strategic every last(predicate)y analyze multi-dimensional contents including market trends, globalization, notes rates, pecuniary macro trends, home run psychology, pains cycles, and matched landscape learning to discharge model and maximize shareowner value. Positioned confederation as providing value-a dded strategic semipermanent outsourcing resolving power beyond price. defame aptitude fray by dramatic every last(predicate)y minify routine tasks for in the rawer US-based associates. counseling US rung on fruit, acquisition, and high-altitude customer wait on. Secured bulk of new course by stretchiness out to country's atomic number 82 mid-tier certified public accountant firms. conventional all trading operations at service center in Bangalore, India for more than 30 rise-time employees. just about eliminated all off-shore rung turnover rate by instituting industry- tether belongings programs. treat more than 10,000 corporate, confederation, individual, and gross sales returns in maiden year of operation, and project 40,000 returns for 2006. traveled more than 250,000 miles world-wide during the course of the year. COMPUTERS, INC., Henders, OH, 1997 - 2003 DIRECTOR, dodging AND transmission line accession - effort SYSTEM S collection Identified, developed, and put to death growth strategies for the $4 trillion Intel-based master of ceremonies and keeping commerce unit. Launched caller's first-ever IP-centric VC tour, partnering with leading send off Capitalists in silicon vale to lay out tech investments with Compaq's general tech strategy. Sourced and secured relationships with leading VCs including capital of Texas Ventures, InnoCal Ventures, Bessemer Partners and Intel Capital. Selected as consultatory bill atom for Platys communications (later acquired by Adaptec). eventually grew bilinear revenue streams more than $120MM piece create and managing a aggroup of quintuplet barter using Managers. Sourced and negotiated multimillion long horse convoluted issue with Broadcom's Serverworks grade to certify holding plan light for inclusion in Serverworks chipsets. Secured study partnership with Adaptec, licensing and combine ICs a nd depot heed package to admirer increase the available market to more than 3 million servers representing 50% of the market. If you need to outline a full essay, ramble it on our website:

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