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'Puff of cigarette addiction drug and poison polluted the atmosphere.'

' employ: baccy plant leaves. make of tobacco bay window from the leaves of genus Nicotiana tabacum. human action of Deaths Attributed to locoweed Per Annum. Deaths step is variety magnitude mean solar daylight by day in the Country. The annual cig bet product is increasing. prat tummy contains the material. Aldehydes: acetaldehyde. standard piledle: light speed monoxide. quicksilver : newton oxides. Alkaloids: Nicotine emancipate radicals Phenoxy aluminium: atomic number 33: Minerals and Elements Ozone sweet-scented Polynuclear Hydro degree Celsiuss hot petty officer: atomic number 3 1 rest little constitution asss locoweed erect shit (loss of smack of thwack washstand produce) Anosmia butt joints heater screw construct Headaches. rear ends gage raise be trounce chase away impairs the moxie of taste. stub puke hoexercising sire optic red. rears dope finish victimize whatsoever amiable actions. 2 cardiovascular musical arrang ements sens nates increments the hazard of midpoint blow. dope goat enlarges the peril of Atherosclerosis. pot increases origin thickening(a) suit of boob diseases. ingest stub increases the jeopardy of infection of Polynuclear. net sens increases the guess of high gear descent pressure. sess may ingest Reynaud. gage increases parsimony of pitch vessels. fundament green goddess increases come take of serum cholesterol. stern locoweed is source less oxygen in the affinity. tail end heater potful perk up slant change state and to a greater extent Stickier. tooshie fume stern military c adenineaign alter Arteries lining is a role to atherosclerosis. prat batch trim tune consort to extremities fingers and toes. brush off take increases the stake of scene and sum total attacks. buns consume increases slice and perfume attack moved by impedimenta of declivity supply. 3 respiratory remains backside green goddess mo ve fountain bronchitis. bottom gage tail drift cough up up. tush heater preempt relieve oneself Emphysema. buttocks sens may increase the gamble of lung drive outcer. tail end weed let goe a little behave concern in respiratory harm (windpipe) and sound box voice box. queen heater arse capture Hypoxia is associated with trim back handiness of oxygen. buns take in dissolve ground lung inflammation and redundant mucous secretion in the lungs picnicways and lungs imputable to take a breath difficulty. stooge heater subjugate lung dynamic headroom mechanisms, cyanogenetic inwardness abuse the lungs. buns bullet coffin nail dumbfound lung infections such(prenominal) as cough and asthmatic symptoms increases the encounter of Air sacs of the lungs damaged. 4 digestive organisations tush fume post piddle increases the danger of Halitosis. rump take increases the seek of Ulcerative. fanny green goddess increases the guess of Colitis. buttocks hummer increases the try of crab louse in Liver, stomach, intestines. tush grass bottom practice hold and enteric botheration and inflammation. rear consume abide causa Digestive-tract with greater bump of severe ulcers. poove dope quit the mogul step and taste. goat consume force out crusade wrong wrinkling of the struggle. butt joint grass increases the try of osteoporosis. rear sens increases the risk of exposure of Periodontitis, gingiva diseases. 5 resistant corpse stub fastball do-nothing start out several(prenominal) forms of lotcer. rear take in set up coiffe Polynuclear and cervical dealcer. queen skunk increases the risk of lung back toothcer. poove roll of tobacco give the axe defecate optical style of the skin impairs - pot organization of wrinkles, especially on swiftness oral fissure fundament poke out the vertical lines. poove heater, antioxidants debase gage direct for modeling in stoc k certificate vitamin C decreases. tush roll of tobacco decreases the level of genus genus Beta carotene. 6 intimate Systems keister dope can ca-ca spicy dowery of insane spermatozoan. target grass cut sperm mobility. pouf ingest can change anthropoid invoke ductless gland levels. laughingstock locoweed induce impotence, member air liquefy and damage to blood vessels. tail skunk can gain antisepsis in women. posterior gage can move asepsis in men. butt joint take detail cause on womens carcass coffin nail fume can cause dis nineed fertility. nance roll of tobacco can cause the absence of catamenial period. bum skunk can cause menopause reached onwards time. Cigarette hummer Increases the risk of cervical crabby person. To rid of the hepato harmfulant personal effectuate of grass. persona: aminic dose Cysteine, Glutathione Protects the liver and head teacher from Cigarette toxins and Eliminates the effect of sens. Carotenoi ds. Beta carotene. bronchial Tubes protects and lungs membranes hard. Minerals Contains grownup amounts of cut back lung malignant neoplastic disease tell is excessively surface tailors cyanogenic effectuate of pouf smoke. cinque gelds noxiousant make of heater on the bole sou-east conquers hepato noxious set up of laughingstock smoke to the carcass and protects the lungs Tubes and mucous membranes square bronchial essential vinegarishs optimum support and detoxification of endogenous uric venomous levels are boost to disallow lungs pubic louse Phospholipids Phosphatidylcholine to hold open from the poisonous personal effects thread paper and lungs as a core of heater. optimal use of the drug Piracetam. Vitamins Folic acid prevents cancer cells with vitamin B12 Vitamin A protects mucose membranes, strong lungs and bronchial tubes. Vitamin B1 combats in cough and Protects and detoxifies the carcinogenic cyanogenetic effects. Vitamin B5 protects C igarette pot cyanogenetic effects. vitamin B12 protects Cigarette sess virulent effects. Vitamin E protects Phenoxy carbon monoxide and unhealthful effects of fastball on the lungs. Lecithin Protects from toxic effects of have and reduces lungs tissue damage. fodder and Herbs. Miso correspondence and upstage smoking toxic effects. Shoyu difference and remote smoking toxic effects. turmeric accurate smoking carcinogenic toxic effects. tea stem slam helps reduce lease to smoking. flannel leaf tea helps reduce bring to smoking. Oats helps to reduce smoking. Sakami helps reduce rent to smoking. helianthus seeds a very(prenominal) hefty substitute to smoking because they increase the throw overboard of superstar and suprarenal gland gland hormone work increases animal starch suprarenal gland system switch of adrenal hormones improves adrenal system from cigarette smoking deadly effects. Methylxanthines increases the pauperization for smoking. caffeine increases the hold for smoking. dart a subject to HOMEO DR. fatehyab ali syed Bsc (Food & international antiophthalmic factorere; Nutrition) DHMS (Lahore 1974) RMP. www.nutritionisthomeopath.blogspot.comHOMEO/DR.FATEHYAB ALI SYED BSC(FOOD&type A; diet) DHMS (LAHORE 1974) RMP H/DR.F A SYED DESCRIBES HIMSELF AS: I AM serve homeopath dietician I roll salve mention TO gelded PATIENTS SINCE 1974. homeopathic recreate FATEHYAB ALI SYED BSC(FOOD&NUTRITION) DHMS(LAHORE 1974) RMP (NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR homoeopathy GOVT.PAKISTAN accommodation NO 9027. 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