Thursday, June 20, 2019

Conflict Resolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Conflict Resolution - Essay ExampleMy main means of relieving stress is through singing. Therefore, during tense situations, I sing, thus engaging my mind in an activity. b). Recognize and manage emotions- when faced with a appointment, I recognize and understand my emotions as well as emotions from other people. This assists me in ensuring I communicate effectively and appropriately thereby, smoothing over disagreements (Segal, Boose, & Smith, 2013). Moreover, I am strongly connected to my feelings and therefore, have the efficiency to face and tackle differences arising at home, work, or any social place. c) Improvement on nonverbal skills - when faced with conflict, I do pay close prudence to the nonverbal signals of the other individual. This assists me in understanding statements from the person and thus, able me to respond in a suitable manner while getting to the base of the business (Segal, Boose, & Smith, 2013). Moreover, I use a calm tone and show a concerned facial ex pression, which facilitates tension diffusion. d). Use of humor and play during a conflict situation, I normally communicate in a humorous and playful manner and this minimizes confrontations, and thus resolve disagreements. Moreover, humor ensures that I communicate feelings and ideas that otherwise would be hard to express (Segal, Boose, & Smith, 2013). I agree to disagree with someone by first recognizing similar viewpoints and listening to his or her reasons for the viewpoints. Afterwards, I proceed to the points we disagree on. We maneuver in constructive arguments where both parties defend their views and perceptions and try to convince one another (Segal, Boose, & Smith, 2013). In case the person lacks strong and convincing points to defend his perception, I disagree with him and terminate the argument.

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